Lawn Disease

An example of diseased grass in need of lawn disease control from Spring Touch

Lawn Disease Examples

Turfgrass is susceptible to many different types of lawn diseases and once established these diseases can be devastating. The best way to prevent disease is by maintaining a healthy lawn, being careful not to over-water, and watering at the correct time of day. Maintaining healthy, attractive lawns takes hard work and management practices that reduce the likelihood of disease.

How Can We Help?

Spring Touch treats snow mold, fairy ring, dollar spot, mushrooms, brown patch disease, rusts, powdery mildew, leaf spot / melting out, red thread and pink patch, and more! If your lawn is suffering from any of these diseases, please call our office or email us to receive an estimate for your lawn.

Get A Quote On Lawn Care Today

Spring Touch offers our customers a customized lawn care program. The program can use professional control methods, organic products, or a hybrid professional/organic approach. Note that the organic lawn care program does not provide weed control. Expect results to take 3-4 treatments per year to achieve disease control on your lawn. Spring Touch recommends our 6 step lawn care program to remove diseases and thicken up your existing turf lawn. For more information call 248-826-5296 or email to get a quote on your lawn care program today.