Fairy Ring

An example image of Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring Symptoms:

  • Fairy Ring is a lawn disease whose symptoms vary with causal agents.

  • Aboveground mushroom and puff ball basidiocarps may or may not occur.

  • Typically has outer rings that are either dark-green or brown in color.

  • Shape and size of the rings vary, depending on the species.

  • Activity in turf ceases when the individual rings come in contact with each other.

  • Some causal agents form fruiting bodies, but not rings and vice versa.

Conditions Favoring Disease:

  • Typically occurs in the summer.

  • Can also occur on cool-season turfgrass in mild winter climates.


  • Here is a useful resource, courtesy of the University of Wisconsin, for identifying this disease.

  • If you need any additional assistance identifying lawn diseases or weeds, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

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