Boxelder Bugs

boxelder bugs, seed bugs, and true bugs

Boxelder Bugs (Seed Bugs and True Bugs)

Boxelder bugs almost entirely feed on the developing seeds of boxelder, maple, and ash trees. These bugs will release a foul smelling odor when disturbed to discourage predators. They are primarily active in the fall while they are displaced from agriculture crops after harvesting. These boxelders can become a nuisance to homes in large numbers in the fall while seeking plant debris. They also look for human inhabited structures for protection, or other suitable structures to stay warm in over winter.

box elder bugs, true bugs, and seed bugs
box elder bugs, true bugs, and seed bugs
box elder bugs, true bugs, and seed bugs

Boxelder bugs can gather in big groups, especially in the fall, looking to get into your home to stay warm. The best way to get rid of these bugs is to treat the large groups where they sunbathe and congregate. They may be found in groups of hundreds/thousands along a structure looking for a place to stay over winter.

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Spring Touch can remove insects with our perimeter insect control program. One of our trained and certified technicians will apply a safe and effective four-foot barrier around the home to keep insects from getting inside. After the first application boxelder bugs will begin to disappear and many kinds of insects will be under control for 28 days or more between applications. For more information call 248-826-5296 or email to Get A Quote on your perimeter insect control program today!