earwigs - dermaptera

Earwigs (Dermaptera)

Most earwigs are nocturnal and inhabit small cracks and crevices, living in rubbish, piles of debris, or fallen logs. Earwigs that are blind have been found living in caves without exposure to sunlight. They can squirt foul-smelling yellow liquid in the form of jets from scent glands of their abdomen. It aims the discharges by revolving the lower part of its body, a maneuver that enables it simultaneously to use its pincers in defense. They feed on plants and insects and can cause damage to flowers, produce, and crops.

These insects are usually spotted on household walls and ceilings. Interacting with them sometimes results in a defensive freefall to the ground followed by a scramble to a nearby crack or crevice. They tend to gather in shaded openings or anywhere that they can remain concealed during the day. Despite their menacing appearance earwigs are relatively harmless to humans. The biggest danger they pose is that they occasionally crawl inside the ears of humans, but do not lay eggs inside the human body or human brain.

earwig - dermaptera
earwig - dermaptera
earwig - dermaptera

Earwigs like to hide under rocks or in cracks away from sunlight. One of the best ways to get rid of earwigs is to turn over items they may be hiding under and expose them to sunlight, they will look for a new crack or hole in the wall to run to. It's not realistic to trap or kill earwigs because they are very elusive. It's important when getting rid of earwigs to treat areas where they nest and hide, in debris and decaying brush piles, where they lay eggs and live while they are not searching for food.

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