Example image of a Silverfish insect

Silverfish (Lepsima Saccharina)

A silverfish is a small grey wingless insect, it gets its name because its movements resemble a swimming fish. It takes four months after hatching for these insects to reach adulthood, when it will get its full silver and grey coloring. They eat pantry food such as grains, carbohydrates, and starches. Silverfish are nocturnal and known for their speed, even faster than centipedes, they can outrun most of their predators. These insects are also known as bristle tails because of their three leg-like tails at the rear end of their body.

silverfish - lepsima saccharina
silverfish - lepsima saccharina
silverfish - lepsima saccharina

Silverfish are nocturnal, they like to hide from sunlight. A great way to get rid of them is to turn over rocks or piles of debris they might hide under, and expose their hiding place to sunlight. They will look for new dark corners to hide in, if you can shine light on their hiding spots and clean any piles of decaying brush or refuse outside they will look for a new area to live and nest in.

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