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Wasps (Paper, Mud, Hornets, & Yellow Jackets)

There are over one hundred thousand species of wasps all around the world. They spend most of their time gathering food, or building a nest for a colony with one egg laying queen and many non-reproductive workers. They become pests when their numbers are excessive or they become annoying to humans. People often get stung by wasps in late summer when their "workers" start searching for sugary food and come into contact with humans. Stings are usually painful and in some cases, may cause life-threatening allergic reactions.

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We remove wasps using a 5-step perimeter insect control program. One of our trained and certified technicians will apply a safe and effective four-foot barrier and specifically target wasp, yellowjacket, and hornet nests. After there are no signs of wasps, it will be safe to remove the wasp nest, which is no longer a threat. If left alone, it will naturally decay over time. Many kinds of insect problems will also go away for 28 days or more between applications. For more information call 248-826-5296 or email to Get A Quote on your perimeter insect control program today!